Washington Street Law Lesson Plans

Mock process and appeal arguments for high school students Each lesson contains all the information you need to prepare for your visit and introduce it to students. Again, it is important that you talk to the teacher ahead of time and share the lesson and materials. Course plans developed by students at the University of Washington School of Law for the Street Law course and provided free of charge. Use fairy tales and children`s literature to develop your own mock trial This lesson was inspired by the annual Law Day Fairy Tale Fair Trials developed and conducted by the Monroe County Bar Association through its wonderful volunteers on the Law Day Fairy Tale Trials Committee. If you find that a simulated attempt does not work with the class you wish to attend, we recommend the following lesson I took my frog to school – No animals in the library. Pick up a copy of Eric Kimmel`s book I Took My Frog to School at your local library and read it to students. Better yet, buy a copy of the book ($5.99) and then, when you leave, give it to the teacher for the classroom library. It`s a very short story about a young girl who brings various animals to the library, which leads to chaos and chaos. The story is used to introduce students to the subject of the lesson and build a relationship with them. After reading the story, the transition moves on to the «No Animals in the Library» lesson, which helps students think about the rules and why they are necessary. The lesson also explores what makes a good rule, what happens when the rules are unclear, and helps students think about the appropriate consequences of rule violations. This is a very engaging lesson and you will find that even young students are very perceptive in their thinking. Have fun and bring a stuffed animal.

Would a stuffed animal be allowed under the «no animals» rule? Scott v. Harris, 550 U.S. 372 (2007) This case was eventually decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. It raises Fourth Amendment seizure issues and involves a teenage driver who decided to flee police when they attempted to stop him for a minor traffic violation. The ensuing chase was interrupted by police when they used a police maneuver to push the teen`s car off the road to ensure public safety. The police action caused a car accident and left the teenager paralyzed. The question put to the students at the hearing is: Does the seizure of the youth`s car by the police violate the youth`s protection from inappropriate seizures? The teaching material provides general information about the case and explains different ways in which the case can be used with students. Notes on the presentation of this case for high school students This document contains a script that can be used or modified to present this case and lesson to high school students. The delay is 60 to 75 minutes. Mock trials Read this document for tips on successfully using trial lessons with students.

Day 63: Wednesday, December 7, 2022* Chapter 13: Criminal Justice Trial: Pre-Trial + The PGS Exclusion Rule. 159-160* Guest Speaker`s Worksheet: Guest Speaker`s Presentation Worksheet.docx + Layne Johnson + Deptuty County District Attorney + Pre-Trial, Advocacy and Prosecution * Mapp v. Ohio Case Study (Worksheet / Case Study Questions and Video Notes / Questions) + Worksheet: Case Study Mapp v. Ohio.docx + Annenberg Video Mapp v. Ohio (25 minutes): Worksheet Notes www.annenbergclassroom.org/resource/search-seizure-mapp-v-ohio/ + Book Homework 13.3 A-CASSIGNMENT/HOMEWORK* Case Study Worksheet/Q&A/Day 64: Thursday, December 8, 2022* Assistant County District Attorney Layne Johnson in class + Guest Speaker Worksheet: Guest Speaker Presentation Worksheet.docx OR* Chapter 13: Pre-trial Proceedings + Plea Negotiation. 160-161 * Podcast Notes/Answers and Book Problems + Chapter 13 Term Worksheet: Chapter 13 Term Worksheet.pdf + Book Problems – 13.3 A-C on page 160 + National Constitution Center Podcast (55 minutes): Why Plea the Innocent Guilty?: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/live-at-the-national-constitution-center/id1037423300?i=1000513316040 1. Podcast Notes 2. Podcast Question Asked – Answer TASK/HOMEWORK * Guest or Alternative Speaker Worksheet Guest Speaker Task (Podcast Notes/Answers and Book Numbers) Additional Loan: 12 Angry Men Release Ticket 1. Discuss 1-2 times when the film made you think positively about juries? What happened and how did it promote due process? 2. Discuss 1-2 times the film did you think negative by juries? What happened and how did it violate due process? 3. Do you believe that juries are vehicles of justice or, more commonly, obstacles to justice? Explain in 2-4 sentences 4.

When you take the test next week, prepare a question that you would record in relation to the movie. 5. Write a 2-3 sentence «Yelp» or «Amazon» review of this movie Day 65: Monday, December 12, 2022* Guest Speaker/Alternative Worksheet DUE + Review Presentation * Chapter 14: The Process + Due Process * Teens and Miranda iCivics Game and Book Problem + Go to icivics.org to play Argument Wars and press the arrow until you get to the fall IN GAULT V. ARIZONA: www.icivics.org/games/argument-wars a. What was it all about? b. What was your score? In case of absence: Screenshot or print of the screen when the case is closed c. What did the Supreme Court decide? www.oyez.org/cases/1966/116 d. Do you think the case has been decided correctly? + Book Homework -12.10 A-D on page 151 – 39.2 A-C on page 468 HOMEWORK/HOMEWORK* Participation in the game and book problems Day 66: Tuesday, December 13, 2022* Chapter 14: The trial + right to a jury trial pgs. 162-163 + BBC News: «Chauvin trial: What do we know about the jury?»: www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56512690 * Judge Bidegaray in class + Presentation work: Presentation Note 2022.docx AND/OR * Chapter book problems + Book problems – 14.1 A-C on page 163 – 14.2 A-C on page 164 – 14.4 A-D on page 166 – 14.5 A-B on page 167 EXTENSION OF ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION: Chapter 14 Worksheet: Chapter 14 Jury Service Worksheet .pdf – A-P HOMEWORK/HOMEWORK* Chapter Book problems Day 67: Wednesday, 14.

December 2022* Chapter 14: Criminal Justice Trials: The Trial + Right to a Jury Trial, Expedited Courts, Public Trials and Confrontation with Witnesses.