Western University Legal Counsel

Requests and requests for mutual legal assistance may be addressed to: legalcounsel@uwo.ca We appreciate and welcome the international experience and believe that in this era of globalization it is extremely important to deal with a different legal system. Our extensive exchange and summer internship programs provide you with an enhanced perspective and a solid understanding of the rule of law beyond our borders. We have an active international exchange program with 20 partnerships in leading law schools around the world. Community Legal Services: is one of Canada`s most advanced legal clinics and a leader in access to justice. Our clinic provides free legal advice to low-income people in the London community and students at Western University and Fanshawe College. Working at CLS provides law students with insight into real-world legal practice. Under the close supervision of experienced lawyers, students cover all aspects of legal affairs, from questioning a client to writing briefs to conducting court proceedings. The clinic handles cases in the areas of criminal law, family law, employment, landlord and tenant law, public law education, academic appointments, small claims and human rights. The objective of the office is to provide, manage and coordinate all legal services for the university in order to minimize legal risks and liability of the institution in a professional and cost-effective manner. The office also wants to ensure that the university complies with all legal and regulatory requirements and supports campus-wide compliance efforts. When administrators seek legal advice from the Office of the General Counsel on behalf of the university, these communications are generally protected by solicitor-client privilege. It should be noted, however, that the office cannot provide legal advice to employees or students on personal legal matters. In older years, you will have additional opportunities to practice your professional writing skills through written requirements, which may include court documents such as briefs and facts, statutory interpretations and legislative drafting exercises, legal notes, and contracts.

You may also have the opportunity to enroll in intensive week-long courses in highly specialized areas of law, such as cannabis law. Since January 2018, Paul Eluchok has been Legal Counsel at Western University, advising the University on a variety of topics including procurement, intellectual property, litigation, governance, student affairs and corporate affairs. From 2013 to 2017, Paul worked at the University Secretariat on various legal, privacy and information issues. WesternU is our client, but our legal services at WesternU are provided by the people who perform our clients` work, including, but not limited to, WesternU`s board of directors, officers, deans, department heads or other designated representatives. Therefore, we will provide legal advice and representation to employees acting within the scope of their duties, but we are not permitted to provide personal legal advice to individuals. More than 100 students work at CLS during the academic year under the guidance of three experienced lawyers. Students have their own records with them and gain valuable experience in client correspondence, legal research, and writing briefs. Students also have the opportunity to appear in court, file motions, appear in criminal courts, and conduct Small Claims Court proceedings on behalf of CLS clients. In addition, students taking advanced final-year process practice courses also work at CLS to earn academic credits.

John Eberhard, Q.C., was a third-year law student when he convinced the dean and faculty members to allow him to create and coordinate the first Student Defenders System (UWO) of Western, the forerunner of CLS. Through our thriving Western Law Internship Program (WLIP), you will have the opportunity to intern with government departments, international organizations, corporations and firms. The WLIP allows you to broaden your knowledge on international, national and comparative law issues while applying your legal skills in a professional environment. This enriched educational experience opens up a new world of opportunities for you to succeed and thrive in an increasingly interdependent global system. Western Law offers students the opportunity to develop practical skills and gain valuable practical legal experience through various clinics and programs that support the community. Sports Solution Clinic: Provides Western University law students with the opportunity to help Canada`s elite athletes prevent and resolve sport-related legal issues, including administrative complaints, team selection, discipline and patent disputes. The Solution Sport Clinic is the only program of its kind in North America and is available to all AthletesCAN members. Pro Bono Students Canada: Matches law students with community organizations in need of free legal services. Organizations that typically participate in PBSC include public interest and not-for-profit organizations, courts, legal clinics and lawyers who volunteer on a particular case. The Western Business Law Clinic provides small businesses or start-ups with legal representation in transactional matters such as business structure, finance, intellectual property protection, product liability, employment law, government regulations, contracts, taxes, warranties and personal liability. and environmental issues.

The Faculty of Law is located in the southwest portion of Western`s main campus and is housed in the Josephine Spencer Niblett Building. While the school is located in the middle of the university`s large campus, the law school is completely autonomous, offering students two lounges, a café, a mock courtroom, and a library. The John and Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library on the second floor of the Faculty of Law is the primary source of information for students and faculty. The collection currently comprises approximately 193,000 volumes and 45,000 microforms. Primary records include a comprehensive collection of Canadian legal statutes and reports, important British and American legal sources, and a growing collection of European and international documents. The library also has an excellent collection of legal treatises and periodicals. This unique program is complemented by teaching assistants who conduct practical legal research in the library, help build skills, and act as mentors. Pro Bono Students Canada is a national program that established a branch of the University of Western Ontario`s Faculty of Law during the 1998-99 academic year. The function of the program is to match volunteer law students with community organizations that need legal services but do not have sufficient resources to pay for legal advice. Organizations that typically participate in Students Canada`s pro bono program include public benefit and not-for-profit organizations, courts, legal clinics and lawyers who volunteer on a particular case. Volunteer law students conduct legal research or other law-related projects for member organizations during the academic year under the supervision of a mentor lawyer. The Western Agenda is one of the largest national chapters.

We require a minimum of three years of full-time study (or equivalent), although the majority of admitted students have a four-year degree. We define a full-time year of study as 10-semester courses. To be a competitive candidate in the general category, you must have a cumulative average of «A-» (80-84%) (cumulative grade point average [CGPA] of 3.7) and an LSAT score above the 80th percentile. However, meeting these thresholds does not guarantee approval.