Batony Legal Cakes

The company produces different types of candy adjusted without sugar, but also at a time operated healthy cafes in Warsaw, although it no longer works because they have been closed, so you don`t even have anything to look for. Thus, legal cakes are those legal sweets that can be consumed without fear of losing your health or figure. These are sweets with a good composition and macro, or at least they are supposed to be intentional. Nothing more than throwing them in a bag with a PROVEN PRE-WORKOUT and flying by force! Both bars are gluten-free and Simba is vegan (as is Yogi, Pacman, Sneaky and Big Bunny). I just don`t understand why the manufacturer called them «protein bars» on their website. We created a little dissonance. Apparently, a protein preparation appears in the compositions, but it does not translate into nutritional values. However, we will move on to the macro later. So if you`re looking for the perfect alternative to a traditional chocolate bar, a packet of chips or ice cream, bet on healthy bars that you`ll find in the Legal Cakes offer. Legal Cakes is a place where we combine passion and knowledge and cook the best treats for the most demanding people. Our FIT bars are above all of the highest quality, wide variety and attractively priced – check the taste of each! The offer includes Yogi, Pacman, Simba, Brownie, L`Oreo, Sneaky, Ciacho, Karmelovy and Koko bars – delicious, varied and available at attractive prices. Surely you will find your favorite snack among them – just like our other customers! Net weight: 90 g. Price: 9.99 zł.

I paid the same for both bars, and bought them in Orlen in Wrocław, so I definitely paid a little too much (ah those gas station edges). Usually, they cost about eight zlotys. That`s also a lot, but on the other hand, the bars are really large, volumetric and substantial, so in fact each of them is a normal double bar. Healthy bars, in this case protein bars, are mainly a combination of excellent taste, a large dose of energy and a valuable composition that does not affect your body. If you buy such FIT bars from a recognized supplier who cares about the quality of the products, you can be sure that: An example of the composition of one of the most popular bars in our offer (brownie) will allow you to determine whether it is worth betting on FIT bars! If you look at the individual ingredients that can be found in bars, they are all fine and I would be surprised if it were different, because the brand that presents itself as a manufacturer that legally makes assorted candies has to take care of the compositions. After all, I don`t really like Simba. I bought these bars without checking the packages, but now, if I had to choose one of them myself according to the composition, I would definitely take The Oreo. I don`t even need to look at the macro. The two bars do not seem to contain sugar, but in reality, it appears in Simba in the first place in the composition, only that it hides under the data. 100% natural, vegan dark chocolate drops sweetened with xylitol, without the addition of milk and sugar is the perfect snack that quickly satisfies the desire for chocolate.

Perfect also as a complement to desserts and cakes Thanks to such a carefully selected composition, we can recommend our healthy bars to everyone – from slimming and active people to the youngest to the elderly who want to lead a slightly healthier lifestyle. They will satisfy your hunger and immediately provide you with essential nutrients that are essential in everyday life. There are most of the bars on offer and as the brand is famous for them, I decided to start my adventure with legal sweets. I took two flavors: L`Oreo and Simba. You can see all the others HERE. You follow this search. When new offers appear, we will notify you by e-mail. If you don`t want to give up on white chocolate, but want to experience its low-sugar version (it only contains sugar, which is naturally found in milk), you should definitely opt for White Berry from Legal Cakes! A sinful treat without remorse? That`s him! Delivery to Bytom, Częstochowa, Katowice, Krakow, Lublin, Łódź, Poznań, Toruń, Warsaw, Wroclaw. Here is the box. This box is not ordinary, it is a vegan box of Legal Cakes.

In this box, you get a unique set of healthy vegan delights, just like that. Blackcurrant dessert chocolate (6.7%). The chocolate is made by us by hand, homemade. If you order more than 15 products in your shopping cart, you can add more legal boxes to accommodate your products. Additional. I am really pleasantly surprised. Outside, two layers of sweet chocolate chip cookies and inside a rich cream with a delicate coconut aftertaste. I don`t know why, but it reminds me of homemade sweet poppy seeds. However, I`m not going to compare it to classic Oreo cakes because I don`t think I`ve ever eaten them before or I don`t remember them. The Oreo by taste alone would deserve five and a half biceps.

In no case, however, is it a bar. For me, it`s just a delicious cake in an unusual shape. In our bars we keep everything that is important for those who want to eat optimally while we take care of the taste of the snacks. Chocolate, caramel, coconut, fruit blend – the choice is really big, so everyone will definitely find something that suits them. Protein bars are perfect for daily consumption – at work or on an active day where there is no possibility of eating bigger. They are also good for replenishing energy, restoring focus and simply enjoying the excellent taste of a sweet snack. Nałęczowska 31A, 02-922 Warsaw By buying this product, you can earn up to 2 loyalty points. Your cart will total 2 loyalty points that can be converted into a voucher of 0,24 pln. Free shipping is at least a free shipping option. In this way, it is more convenient to make a transaction.

No extra charge! A charitable offer is an offer in which the total income is donated to the associated charity. Try a bar made with the highest quality ingredients from Legal Cakes and enjoy a supernatural treat. Feel your interior filled with a blissful heat wave of chocolate warming your heart and soul. Enjoy the delicate structure and the unique aroma of white sweetness with notes of sunny raspberries. I don`t want to say that the dates are bad. After all, it`s a better choice than «regular» sugar because, on the other hand, they contain beneficial nutrients like vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, potassium, or fiber. But sugar is sugar, and dates contain up to 63%. That`s why I often approach all these vegan sweets with some distance, especially homemade ones – eating such a bar during the day won`t be a bad thing, but eating similar products as part of all meals during the day is already an ideal way to disrupt carbohydrate metabolism and ask about health problems.

Gluten-free coconut bar chocolate coating. But it happened when we published it – a. The second taste is also not faultless. Simba has a little more protein and almost no saturated fat, so that`s fine, but almost 1/3 of it is sugar alone, which is what I expected. However, I understand and understand that it is very difficult to create suitable sweets where everything would be perfect – composition, taste and macro. And yet, it`s good. From time to time, weaving legal cake bars into the menu is a good idea. Especially if we replace traditional cakes or sweets with them. Objectively speaking, I should give a lower rating because I went to Simba a bit for this addition duuuuży of dates and sugar myself, but I have to distinguish it somehow because of the brilliant taste that perfectly hits my taste buds.